Google Translation真有趣

昨晚看看自己個blog的stats﹐其中有一部分會講別人是怎樣看到你的 博文﹐如是從facebook或google search refer過來的還是怎樣。
看看Google Translate怎樣將這篇文章惡搞﹐得出來都頗有喜劇感﹐good quote如下:

Will be done with all the sexual positions, happy woman I do not know how many times the dead, the men get away after several rounds of hard work, but also a party to do a good many times.

Do not think only men to see these stories, there are many women like to watch the original.

What is “Broken,” the real experience of those who are born a virgin whore, because that first sexual contact in addition to a little resistance at first a little pain, the other reaction with prostitutes, sex on the first cried, “Brother, you made ​​me very comfortable “or” more vigorously, “Oh!

Is not no masterpiece, is too small.
佳作不是沒有 , 實在太少。

um…. 一晚會做很多次變成派對(晚會)做好事很多次﹐原來女人都愛看﹐變成女人愛看原創!唉變成噢…. 唉…..



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