昨晚整夜難眠,記掛在香港認識的、不認識的示威者,想不到一張開眼,見到警察放催涙彈的畫面,早了起來哭了一會,回電台上班前見有時間先去吃早餐,茶餐廳後來播real time TVB佔中特輯,見到那些場面又流起涙來,後面傳來一名客人嘆氣。
I have been running this page for more than 2 months, it’s fun to share my passion for food, but when I saw how Hongkongers fought for genuine democracy, there’s something much more important than enjoying food.
News about police fired tear gas at pro-democracy protestors is all over fb, one of my best friends was there, telling me everyone shared water and other supplies, everything was calm and organized, dunno why police had to act this violently.
Support from Toronto, hope all my friends and others will be all safe and sound.
We’ll get back to the food chat when everyone gets home…. SUPPORT!


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